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2-layer socks are technical socks knit with multi-layer technology developed by socks. 

The layer structure is shaped by a combination of materials, which are knit so -called. layers to provide all the properties of the materials in the best possible way. You can compare this to the result you searched for in layering.


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Sukkamestarit | Kaane - nilkkasukat, merinovillaaSukkamestarit | Kaane - nilkkasukat, merinovillaa
Sukkamestarit | Klemi - hikisiepparisukat, merinovillaa
UphillSport | Winter XC - tekniset villapohjasukat juoksuunUphillSport | Winter XC - tekniset villapohjasukat juoksuun
Winter XC - technical wool socks for running Sale price14,90€Thin 2-layer construction - Fits snug shoe
Sukkamestarit | Jaako - hikisiepparisukat, merinovillaa
UphillSport | Frost trail - tekniset merinovillasukat juoksuunUphillSport | Frost trail - tekniset merinovillasukat juoksuun
Frost trail - technical merino wool socks for running Sale price16,90€Thin 2-layer construction - Fits snug shoe
Sukkamestarit | Sauvo - polvisukat, luomupuuvillaa

2-ply socks are technical socks knitted using a multi-ply technique developed by Sockmasters. 

The layered construction is formed by a combination of materials knitted in layers to make the best use of all the properties of the materials. You can compare this with the result you are looking for in layering.

A 2-layer knit is a combination of two main materials, as the name suggests. Most often, it is one of the natural fibres (merino wool, cotton, bamboo) combined with a synthetic fibre with technical properties. The synthetic fibres give the sock wear resistance.