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3-layer socks

The 3-layer socks are made with a layer technique developed by sock masters, allowing different materials to be knit on their own layers and thus utilize the properties of each material in the best possible way. Select 3-layer socks for different exterior activities.


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UphillSport | Malla - liner-sukat ulkoiluunUphillSport | Malla - liner-sukat ulkoiluun
Malla - liner socks for outdoor activities Sale price14,90€Thin texture - Comfortable on the skin
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UphillSport | Teijo - liner-sukat ulkoiluunUphillSport | Teijo - liner-sukat ulkoiluun
Teijo - liner socks for outdoor activities Sale price13,40€ Regular price14,90€Thin texture - Comfortable on the skin
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UphillSport | Posio - tekniset merinovillasukat vaellukseenUphillSport | Posio - tekniset merinovillasukat vaellukseen
Posio - technical merino wool socks for hiking Sale price14,90€3-layer construction - Keeps feet warm and dry
Sukkamestarit | Peko - pihkasukat, merinovillaaSukkamestarit | Peko - pihkasukat, merinovillaa
Peko - socks, merino wool Sale price19,90€
UphillSport | Combat bamboo - tekniset bambusukat tactical-käyttöönUphillSport | Combat bamboo - tekniset bambusukat tactical-käyttöön
Combat bamboo - technical bamboo socks for tactical use Sale price14,90€3-layer construction - Keeps feet warm and dry
UphillSport | Combat merino - tekniset merinovillasukat tactical-käyttöönUphillSport | Combat merino - tekniset merinovillasukat tactical-käyttöön
Combat merino - technical merino wool socks for tactical use Sale price19,90€3-layer construction - Keeps feet warm and dry

The 3-ply socks are made using a layering technique developed by Sukkamestare, which allows the different materials to be knitted into their own layers, as it were, to make the most of the properties of each material.

The layered structure is formed by a combination of three materials, you can compare this with the result you are looking for in layering.

The role of the first layer is to breathe and wick moisture away from the skin, as damp skin is always susceptible to cold. Typically, this first layer UphillSport-in technical socks is polypropylene.

The role of the second layer is to control moisture and provide warmth. Typically, we use NATIVA merino wool for this layer. Merino wool is an acrylic natural fibre that breathes, transfers and evaporates moisture to the outer layers and adapts to the ambient temperature. Merino wool also keeps you warm when damp if you are sweating profusely. Merino wool is super soft against the skin and does not itch.

A third layer adds durability and flexibility to the sock, achieved by using polyamide. The polyamide keeps the colours of the socks fresh.

The 3-layer socks are an excellent choice for outdoor activities and sports. The technical merino wool socks are resistant to wear and tear, offering excellent thermal regulation and moisture wicking properties. These socks will keep you going for longer!