Find the right socks for your needs

Feature icons to help you

You will find icons showing the key features of all our products. The icons make it easier for you to find the right socks for your needs and preferences.

Thermal value

The thermal value reflects the heat absorption capacity of the product according to the main material used in the sock. When determining the heat value, the thickness of the socks is also taken into account.

The socks with a thermal value of 5 contain a generous amount of merino wool. In addition, the construction and thickness of the product take into account that these socks are designed for very cold weather.

With a fair amount of merino wool already in the thermal 4 socks, they are a great choice for cold or very cold conditions. Often, Warmth 4 products have a terry base to provide extra warmth.

The socks with a thermal value of 3 are just the right amount of warmth for daily use all year round. The main material of the socks is merino wool, which is warming and breathable.

Heat 2 products are slightly warming, as they are typically made of cotton with a terry backing. These cotton socks with a stronger construction are an excellent choice for sports and leisure in warm conditions.

Heat value 1 products are made of materials with low or no heat-absorbing capacity. Typically, the main material of the products is artificial fibres, bamboo viscose or thin structured knitted cotton. Choose Heat Value 1 socks for cool weather or sports.

Stem length

The length of the stem gives a visual indication of how far the stem of the sock extends. Choose the length of the sock according to the type of footwear you are wearing.


The thickness icon allows you to visualise the physical thickness of the sock in three different degrees.

The thickness of the socks is quite thick. They are a good choice for loose or loose-fitting shoes (such as rubber boots, hiking boots, tactical boots, etc.)

Medium-thickness products are stronger than basic socks. Often these medium-weight socks have special knits, such as terry backing, different types of tightening and reinforcements.

A thin thickness is a typical thickness for socks designed for daily use. They can be made of merino wool, cotton, bamboo viscose or synthetic fibres. Thin socks are suitable for use with shoes for everyday and casual wear.