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Knee socks provide both style and practicality for many different needs for dressing and active everyday life. Knee socks provide heat and protect the entire leg. You will find Sukkamestarit-knee -length socks to cheer up your wardrobe with merino wool and cotton. Knee socks for sports too!


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Sukkamestarit | Lauka - polvisukat, merinovillaaSukkamestarit | Lauka - polvisukat, merinovillaa
Sukkamestarit | Liinu - polvisukat, luomupuuvillaaSukkamestarit | Liinu - polvisukat, luomupuuvillaa
Sukkamestarit | Aatsi - polvisukat, luomupuuvillaa
Sukkamestarit | Joma - polvisukat, luomupuuvillaaSukkamestarit | Joma - polvisukat, luomupuuvillaa
Sukkamestarit | Jaho - hikisiepparisukat, merinovillaa
Sukkamestarit | Rimi - ylipolvensukat, luomupuuvillaa
Sukkamestarit | Huitti - polvisukat, merinovillaa
Sukkamestarit | Kaila - polvisukat, merinovillaaSukkamestarit | Kaila - polvisukat, merinovillaa
Kaila - knee socks, merino wool Sale price16,90€Merino wool as main material - Improves breathability for extra softness and warmth
Sukkamestarit | Sauvo - polvisukat, luomupuuvillaa
Sukkamestarit | Taama - pukusukat, luomupuuvillaa

Knee socks offer both style and practicality for a wide range of dress and active everyday needs. Knee socks provide warmth and protection to the entire leg area. The popularity of knee socks has grown over the years thanks to their versatility, making them an essential part of many people's wardrobes.

One of the main benefits of knee socks is the extra warmth and protection they provide, especially in cold weather. This allows you to choose a skirt for winter weather. The long sleeves cover the entire leg, which helps to keep your feet warm.

Have you considered that knee-length socks are also available for skiing, downhill skiing, hiking, hunting and fishing, among other things? This makes knee socks an ideal choice for winter sports, outdoor activities or just everyday use in cooler weather.

In addition, the long shaft of the knee socks also provides extra protection to the shin area. This can be particularly useful in sports where the feet are exposed to stress and injury, for example. Knee socks can help reduce muscle fatigue and relieve pain and tension in the shin area.

Another major benefit of knee socks is their versatility and style. They can be easily combined with a variety of clothing items and styles, and often add a touch of elegance and style to an outfit. Available in a variety of colours, patterns and materials, knee-high socks are a perfect choice for everyone, depending on the weather, style and preferences.

Sukkamestarit-Our knee socks are available in merino wool and cotton. The classic choice is monochrome knee socks if you don't want to indulge in a splash of colour. 

Knee socks are a great choice for a variety of occasions, offering warmth, protection, support and style in one package. Whether you're out in the winter weather, training for a sport or just want to add a touch of elegance to your outfit, knee socks can be a useful addition to your wardrobe.