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Proper skating socks create the basis for the skate properly. Ice hockey socks emphasize the technical properties of the product in both material and sock functionality. Pay attention to the choice of ice hockey socks that the product has a tight fit, an incision protection and a technical material that breathes.


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TOEZZ | Bracer - viiltosuojarannekkeet jääkiekkoon
Bracer - cut protection bracelets for hockey Sale price19,95€Flexible and supportive design - Fits well on the wrist, stays in place and provides support
TOEZZ | Pro fitting - viiltosuojasukat jääkiekkoonTOEZZ | Pro fitting - viiltosuojasukat jääkiekkoon
TOEZZ | Pro fitting long - viiltosuojasukat jääkiekkoonTOEZZ | Pro fitting long - viiltosuojasukat jääkiekkoon
TOEZZ | Pro skate - luistinsukat jääkiekkoon
Pro skate - ice hockey socks Sale price14,95€
TOEZZ | Pro feeling - luistinsukat jääkiekkoonTOEZZ | Pro feeling - luistinsukat jääkiekkoon
Pro feeling - ice hockey socks Sale price19,95€
TOEZZ | Pro feeling long - luistinsukat jääkiekkoonTOEZZ | Pro feeling long - luistinsukat jääkiekkoon
Pro feeling long - ice hockey socks Sale price19,95€Flexible and supportive design - Fits well on the wrist, stays in place and provides support
TOEZZ | Pro training - oheistreenisukat jääkiekkoon

Proper skating socks are an essential part of the hockey equipment that allows the skates to function optimally. When choosing ice hockey socks in particular, it is important to pay attention to their technical characteristics and materials.

TOEZZ Hockey -When choosing ice hockey socks, the main focus is on their design, which has resulted in a very good fit. A well-fitting sock not only improves the player's performance, but also reduces the possibility of chafing and blisters. The socks we make also have a seamless toe.

In terms of materials TOEZZ Hockey -Hockey socks are designed to withstand repeated washing and heavy use. Some hockey socks also have a cut protection area, to protect the Achilles tendons from cuts. TOEZZ Hockey -The materials used in the hockey sock models are able to effectively wick moisture away from the skin, keeping feet dry and comfortable throughout the game or practice. In addition, the flexible material used in the socks allows freedom of movement and comfort without losing shape or fit.

In summary TOEZZ Hockey -Hockey socks offer players an excellent combination of snug fit, protection from cuts, durability and technical features that are essential to achieve the best possible performance on ice.