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Are you interested in Sukkamestarit-reselling products or are you buying a larger batch?
We offer our resellers our own pricing model, as well as discounts for our individual business customers on larger batches.

Sukkamestarit-socks, UphillSport, TOEZZ Hockey

Why choose from our range Sukkamestarit -products? 

  • 100% product made in Finland
  • Made in an open production chain NATIVA merino wool
  • High quality materials and durable products
  • Wide range of products for different user groups
  • Easy product to make additional sales - socks used by everyone
  • No commitment to large order quantities - minimum order quantity 1 pair!
  • Easy replenishment directly from the factory online store directly to your location
  • Fixed retailer pricing
  • Fast delivery
  • Order now - multiple payment methods, including invoice
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Sockmakers' own brands

Socks for dress and leisure from Sukkamestare! We manufacture our products under three own brands.

  • Sukkamestarit -Socks for children and adults
  • UphillSport -technical socks for children and adults
  • TOEZZ Hockey -Cut-off protective bracelets and socks, as well as training socks for children and adults
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