So that you can shop with confidence and not have to worry about product quality and your ethical and environmental responsibility, we have already made a lot of good decisions on our part so that you don't have to think about the meaning of your choices. We take responsibility for how the material used in a product is produced, the energy resources we use to produce materials and manufacture products, how we use the world's water resources and how we contribute to the earth's carrying capacity through time-sustainable production.

Quality and sustainability certification is one way of embodying the themes behind the sustainability mantra.


Responsibility, regulatory labelling and quality

Responsibility plays a major role in our core values, as does quality. High quality, sustainable products are the textile industry's greatest contribution to the climate, as opposed to a disposable culture.

Below we have briefly outlined the main themes of the standards. You can always find out more about the standards and certifications in more detail, in each section.

Valid certificates:

When provenance matters to you,

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