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Sukkamestarit Alpaca-Collection provides you with luxurious heat,
comfort and softness. Alpaca wool socks are known for their super
The ability to heat up the abilities. In addition, alpaca wool is more effective than other wool fibers to transfer moisture. This delicate natural fiber is comfortable to use as it does not itch.


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Sukkamestarit | Nakku - kiristämättömät sukat, alpakanvillaaSukkamestarit | Nakku - kiristämättömät sukat, alpakanvillaa
Sukkamestarit | Jaara - pehmovarsisukat, alpakanvillaaSukkamestarit | Jaara - pehmovarsisukat, alpakanvillaa
Jaara - plush socks, alpaca wool Sale price24,90€Soft material - No itching suitable for sensitive skin
Sukkamestarit | Saani - kiristämättömät sukat, alpakanvillaaSukkamestarit | Saani - kiristämättömät sukat, alpakanvillaa

Sukkamestarit The Alpaca Collection offers you luxurious warmth, comfort and softness.

Alpaca wool socks are renowned for their super warming abilities. Alpaca wool is a naturally heat-insulating material that keeps your feet warm even on cold days. It retains heat effectively and helps regulate foot temperature, making alpaca wool socks an ideal choice, especially in cold weather. In addition, alpaca wool breathes well, which helps keep feet dry. Although alpaca wool is a very warm material, it does not make the wearer feel painful as it is highly breathable. Did you know that alpaca wool feels dry on your feet even when it is damp?

Another important feature of alpaca wool socks is their softness and pleasant feel against the skin. Alpaca wool is known for its silky soft texture, which feels comfortable on the foot and does not itch. This makes alpaca wool socks a particularly suitable choice for those with sensitive skin and those who appreciate a luxurious and indulgent experience in their footwear.

Alpaca wool is a natural fibre. Unlike merino wool, alpaca wool does not twitch as easily as wool because its fibres are longer than those of sheep's wool. If cared for properly, alpaca wool socks will last almost forever. Alpaca wool socks enjoy being aired. If the socks need washing, we recommend hand washing with wool detergent.