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The resin socks are combined with Nativa ™ sea wool and Prexlent® pihkapolyamide. Due to their properties, they remove the smell and effectively move moisture. The soft merino wool evenly smoothes the foot temperature and also heats it damp. Together, these materials make socks versatile all year round and friendly to your feet!


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Sukkamestarit | Lipo - pihkasukat, merinovillaaSukkamestarit | Lipo - pihkasukat, merinovillaa
Lipo - socks, merino wool Sale price14,90€
Sukkamestarit | Peko - pihkasukat, merinovillaaSukkamestarit | Peko - pihkasukat, merinovillaa
Peko - socks, merino wool Sale price19,90€
Sukkamestarit | Saares - pihkasukat, merinovillaaSukkamestarit | Saares - pihkasukat, merinovillaa
Saares - socks, merino wool Sale price14,90€
Sukkamestarit | Levo - pihkasukat, merinovillaaSukkamestarit | Levo - pihkasukat, merinovillaa
Levo - socks, merino wool Sale price14,90€

The health benefits of amber have been known for thousands of years. Amber has been used, for example, to prevent infections, to treat wounds and to treat fungal infections of the feet. Finnish company Premix Oy has developed a resin polyamide yarn with Prexelent® technology. makes the yarn active by releasing the resin to the surface of the yarn in a controlled way. The resin polyamide yarn is combined in a resin sock, and a fully traceable Nativa™ merino wool yarn.

The best effect is obtained with long-term use, according to our tests, two weeks of daily use already have a noticeable effect on e.g. hardened heels. The effect is of course individual but the key is daily use.


The resin naturally repairs softwood wounds and protects softwoods against microbes. The properties of resin have been exploited in many ways throughout history, including on human skin. It has been used in folk medicine to treat mosquito bites, wounds, etc, infections and burns. It soothes the skin and promotes cell regeneration, which is why it has also been used for dry skin. heels and cuticles. Prexelent® gum polyamide, developed in Finland is made from the resin of Finnish conifers. The resin is obtained from conifers as a by-product of the forest industry. The resin polyamide yarn in resin socks is against the skin. In use, the resin is released in a controlled manner on the surface of the yarn in contact with the skin.


The resin socks combine Nativa™ merino wool with Prexelent® resin polyamide. Their properties allow them to eliminate fine odours and effectively transfer moisture. The soft merino wool keeps the foot temperature even and keeps it warm even when wet. Together, these materials make the socks versatile all year round, as well as being kind to your feet!

The combination of meirnovilla and resin yarn also helps prevent bad foot odour. For merino wool socks, sometimes just airing them out is enough, but when you wash your resin socks, use

Due to the resins in the resin, resin socks are not suitable for people with resin allergies.