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Cut protection bracelets and socks to protect against cuts - secure your dream

Viiltosuojarannekkeista- ja sukista suojaa viiltoja vastaan – turvaa unelmasi

Finland has more than 70 000 licensed ice hockey players and a countless number of hockey players who play outside the clubs for their own pleasure.

In a fast-paced game that combines speed and physicality, there is plenty of action. It is also the salt of the sport and the source of excitement.

The downside is the risk of injury, which has been minimised, especially for younger athletes, through a range of measures such as the use of equipment and a ban on tackling in games for players under 14. The coach's "attitude", which plays a major role in the way teenage hockey players play, also plays a major role. The large size difference between young players in their age group is also a risk factor for injuries (Source:, Hannu Hirsimäki, Suomen Jääkiekkolääkäri ry).

Speed does not always correct mistakes. Injuries caused by skate blades have been in the spotlight with several serious injuries in the 2022-2023 season, both in the NHL, the Karelian tournament and the Swedish Women's Hockey League final. The aftermath is not pretty and the consequences can be very serious.

Waltteri Merelä was seriously injured when a skate slashed his wrist in the Karelian tournament in November 2022. Now his wrists are protected by TOEZZ slash protection bracelets.

Why should slit protection bracelets be standard equipment for every hockey player?

For your own safety. Even if your goal isn't to skate in a Lions jersey, protecting yourself from injury is about protecting your future.

Think about the worst-case scenario: what are you prepared to lose if your hand breaks a tendon or slices an artery and you lose the use of all or part of your hand? It could mean big changes to your future plans, your daily life and even your career choices or your current occupation. Dreams can be redefined. Are you ready for them?

"It was only a matter of time before my career was over," says Waltteri Merelä, after a few months of recovery from his injury.

When asked what his thoughts were at the time of the incident, he explains:

"I always thought that the skate couldn't hit my wrist! It happened and it felt unreal."

The end of Merela's career was only a few milliseconds away. This time he survived a long rehabilitation and got another chance to return to the ice hockey rink in a Leijonat jersey, this time with new equipment.

Although the cut protection bracelets and socks do not protect 100% against accidents, it is a big step forward and brings a sense of safety to the rink. 


 Protect your dreams TOEZZ Hockey -with cut protection products!

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