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Sukkamestarit | Danvi - varrettomat sukat, merinovillaaSukkamestarit | Danvi - varrettomat sukat, merinovillaa
Danvi - Seamless socks, merino wool Sale price11,60€ Regular price12,90€
Sukkamestarit | Vauhti - lyhyt vartiset sukat, merinovillaaSukkamestarit | Vauhti - lyhyt vartiset sukat, merinovillaa
Sukkamestarit | Taati - varrettomat sukat, luomupuuvillaaSukkamestarit | Taati - varrettomat sukat, luomupuuvillaa
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Sukkamestarit | Edin - varrettomat sukat, luomupuuvillaaSukkamestarit | Edin - varrettomat sukat, luomupuuvillaa
Edin - Sneakers, organic cotton Sale price5,30€ Regular price5,90€
Sukkamestarit | Pirne - lyhyt vartiset sukat, luomupuuvillaaSukkamestarit | Pirne - lyhyt vartiset sukat, luomupuuvillaa
Pirne - short stem socks, organic cotton Sale price5,90€Urheilurakenne elastisilla materiaaleilla - Mukavan tuntuinen ihoa vasten
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Sukkamestarit | Ahven - kuviosukat, merinovillaa
Sukkamestarit | Aari - varrettomat sukat, luomupuuvillaaSukkamestarit | Aari - varrettomat sukat, luomupuuvillaa
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Sukkamestarit | Ketut - kuviosukat, merinovillaa

Sneakers are the saviours of the spring and summer tennis season. Even if you don't believe it, merino wool is a great material choice, instead of cotton or bamboo. The advantage of merino wool is that it's a breathable material that wicks moisture away efficiently. This means that your feet will feel comfortably dry even on a hot day, and your feet won't get dehydrated in the heat. Merino wool is also wonderfully soft against the skin.

You'll find sleeveless socks in a range of colours and materials to suit your needs. Classic colours, not forgetting black and white. Sneakers They are at their best in a low-heeled shoe that needs a sock, but the sock should be discreet. However, don't choose a sleeveless shoe for hiking or a heavy shoe. You could risk blisters forming or the sock rolling up on the toe as it moves in a heavy shoe.