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Dress socks

High quality costume socks are an essential part of party and business dress. Classic-Collection's costume socks are designed for classic dress to bring the last touch to your outfit. Choose the costume socks for the color scheme of your outfit for a subtle or suitable color pole to bring a personality to the whole.


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Sukkamestarit | Premium business - pukusukat, merinovillaaSukkamestarit | Premium business - pukusukat, merinovillaa
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Quality dress socks are an essential part of formal and business attire. Classic-collection dress socks are created for you for classic dressing to bring the finishing touch to your outfit. Choose from understated to match the colour scheme of your outfit, or as a pop of colour to add personality to your ensemble. 

When designing the socks, we have taken into account that they have a slightly longer leg than normal, so that the leg does not show under the leg when sitting down. The foot of the sock is wide enough and flexible enough not to pinch the leg. Attention has been paid to small details in the knitting, such as the well-fitting heel and the narrowing of the toe. The seamless toe of the socks prevents the formation of blisters.

The materials are carefully selected; the socks are made from responsibly produced NATIVA merino wool with unrivalled properties. Merino wool is a warming and breathable material that keeps your feet feeling comfortable all day long. Seamless toe of the sock