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We manufacture all our products in our own factory in Ylöjärvi, responsibly for you.

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We are the only NATIVA-certified sock factory in Europe.

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Through our comprehensive water saving programme, our choices save 700,000 litres of water per year.

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Sukkamestarit has been enriching Finnish families since 1996. Responsibility and ecology have been core values since the beginning. Today Sukkamestarit manufactures NATIVA merino wool socks made from open-end wool for dress, sports and festive occasions.

Diving with Finns since 1996

Sukkamestarit Oy

Sukkamestarit Oy was founded in 1995 by a group of passionate textile professionals.

The idea of setting up a new sock factory was born in the early 90's when the market started to change towards faster delivery times, flexible production and a tailor-made service for business customers. The founders saw this as a new opportunity and wanted to create a new kind of sock factory, with a strong focus on quality, technical innovation, service, speed and flexibility. Each of them already had decades of experience working in a traditional Tampere sock factory.

Production started in the new factory in April 1996. The factory invested in a new generation of machinery and changed its production methods from seasonal orders to a stock service system. Understanding the global market and specialising in new innovative products was important.



Founders' latest innovation "Multilayer" was officially protected in the autumn of 1997.

Since then, the multilayer construction has been further developed and is now used in a wide range of our technical products.

Multilayer construction gives a sock similar properties to layering by knitting different materials in layers, thus exploiting their best properties.

Years of growth

New factory

Production grew rapidly in the first few years and in 2001 a new sock factory was opened in Ylöjärvi, near Tampere.

The new factory's larger facilities allowed for a significant increase in production capacity and faster processing of shipments.

The new factory enabled the production of up to four million pairs per year.

New steps

Change of ownership

As the founding members retired, new owners took over in 2007.

All of the current owners had long careers with Sukkamestare before they took over:

  • Jussi Koskinen (Managing Director) started as a sales representative in 1997
  • Jani Alatalo (product development) joined the company in 1998.
  • Kimmo Koskinen (Production Manager) in 2002
  • Jani Tarkki (factory manager) in 2004.

Specialisation in technical products

New brand UphillSport

Specialisation and technical products have been at the heart of the company from the very beginning. Collaboration with many outdoor brands provided the spark to create a unique brand focused on more technical products Sukkamestarit alongside the existing brand.

The aim of the new brand development was to offer consumers
simply the best possible product for different types of exercise and
outdoor activities.

This is how a new outdoor brand was born UphillSport, registered in 2016. UphillSport is now an international brand.

Quality standards are rising

ISO9001:2015 certification

We follow a quality system that meets the ISO9001:2015 standard
requirements. Bureau Veritas has awarded the certificate to our operations on 15.11.2016.

ISO 9001 - is a commitment to customer focus and quality that supports Sukkamestare's own values, where quality and the customer are at the centre.

ISO 9001 certification plays an important role in achieving sustainable business practices, as reducing errors saves costs and reduces waste.

Responsibility as a core value

NATIVA certified marine wool

Sukkamestarit Oy is the first sock factory in Europe to be certified under the NATIVA Merino Wool Sustainability and Traceability Programme. The first batch of wool came into production in April 2020 and with it we switched to using only Nativa certified merino wool.

From autumn 2020, product labels will also include a QR code, which allows anyone to find out the origin of the materials in the product.

Sockmakers' Merino wool comes from the La Magdalena farm in Salto, Uruguay.

You can read more about the production of NATIVA merino wool on our blog.

New brand

TOEZZ Hockey -protect Your future

New brand TOEZZ Hockey was launched in summer 2023. The brand's flagship products, cut protection bracelets and socks, were developed in partnership with professional players to protect against cuts.

The products are used by the Lions national team, among others.

The brand story has a familiar face behind it, as Waltteri Merelä gave his own story and voice to the importance of cut protection products.

Competition wins

Scandinavian Outdoor Awards - Innovation Award

At ISPO 2023, long-term product development was rewarded when UphillSport Repo outdoor socks won the prestigious Innovation Award.

The jury was impressed by the product's innovative design, new approach to materials (merino wool & Tencell) and exceptionally versatile features, not forgetting sustainability.

Are your socks from anywhere?

By buying from Sockmasters, you know who made your socks.

Sockmasters employs 40 textile professionals. All our products are made with 100% domestic labour in our own factory in Ylöjärvi.