Values - Sukkamestarit

It doesn't matter what kind of socks we wear.

And we're not just referring to the look and fit of the socks or other technical features of the sock, but to the life the sock has had before you put it on.

Do YOU know where the merino wool socks you wear and the materials they are made from come from? Not only do we want to make socks that respect life from start to finish, we also make them!

The values behind the good life 

Our core values are

  • Passion
  • responsibility
  • transparency
  • innovativeness
  • competent staff
  • respect

Our dream is to make the most responsible socks in the world:

- Socks that respect life in all its aspects, that have
that we can ensure a sustainable future for our descendants.

- Socks that are made in Finland.

- Socks that are so good in quality and technical features that you won't want to wear any other socks.

- Socks that you can choose according to your needs.

To make our dreams come true, we have to go back to our roots, from where
where our materials are born and live. Without good life, we cannot use our primary materials, because before long they would run out.

This is the reason, why we are part of NATIVA. NATIVA fulfils everything we value most in our own activities - respect respect for all parties involved from start to finish.

NATIVA merinovilla as a source of responsibility

Sukkamestarit is the only sock factory in Europe with a
NATIVA certification. We're in great company, as certified brands include one of the world's most prestigious fashion houses - Gucci.

Only NATIVA merino wool is used in the sockmakers' products, which can be traced back to the farm. The wool we use comes from Salto, La Magdalena farm in Uruguay. 

Behind a quality merino wool is a programme where everyone can live their values, a good life and everyone takes responsibility responsible action.
At NATIVA, everyone from the farm to the final product manufacturer is committed to
respect for animals, nature and people. Transparency
is an important part of sustainability. You can find out more about all parts of the wool production chain here. 

The main pillars of NATIVA merino wool production:

🐑 Animals are allowed to graze freely, eating clean food from the wild.

🐑 Farmers have an animal management plan that takes into account feeding, species-specific behaviour and animal welfare throughout their lives (this includes a ban on mulesing).

🐑 Workers are paid an appropriate wage for the work they do and working conditions are good.

🐑 The use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment is avoided in production and processing.

🐑 Wool production and processing saves fresh drinking water and avoids the use of harmful chemicals.

Read more on our blog

Long careers are typical for sockmakers

As an employer Sukkamestarit is trusted. Many of them have been with the company for decades.
We offer our employees employee benefits and events to maintain their working capacity, and encourage them to actively discuss ways to improve working conditions and performance.
Skilled staff are the basis of our business.

Because skilled and well-paid staff is our most important asset, we constantly strive to develop and improve to ensure the well-being of our staff: 

  • We are constantly looking for ways to improve work ergonomics to avoid musculoskeletal problems. 
  • With long careers, we have a large age distribution of our staff, which means that we also have a need to find ways to improve the ergonomics of our staff.
    therefore we offer a comprehensive occupational health service. 
  • We encourage our staff to maintain a good work-life balance and adequate recovery, provide financial support for physical activity, and pay for
    part of the cost of body care services such as massages. 
  • Above all, in our everyday lives we strive to create the conditions for being heard and to provide support in changing life situations.

From words to action - with the future in mind

Because sustainability requires concrete action in many areas, water saving has become a big issue for us. In Uruguay, we save water by using purified rainwater instead of drinking water to wash our wool. In Finland Sukkamestarit save 700 000 litres of water per year by not precipitating products during production.

So it matters where materials and products come from and where they are going. Sockmasters' socks that feel alive will accompany you on your adventures, respecting you, us and our world. 💚