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Toezz Hockey

Cut protection bracelets and socks to protect against cuts - secure your dream

There are up to 70 000 licensed ice hockey players in Finland, plus countless more who play outside the clubs for their own enjoyment.In a fast-paced game that combines speed and physicality, there...

Vinkkejä sukan valintaanRatkaisu lasten paleleviin jalkoihin

The solution to children's cold feet

Do your children's feet often feel cold, especially in the changing weather of autumn and winter? Do you feel that no matter how much you invest in decent winter shoes, you can't find shoes that ar...

Vinkkejä sukan valintaanPihka-sukista hoivaa kuiville, jopa halkeileville jaloille

Socks from Pihka care for dry, even cracked feet

Do you have dry or even cracked heels? The cold and dry winter weather is one of the "enemies" of our skin and often the skin on our feet is hard. In nature, socks repair conifer wounds and protect...

Vinkkejä sukan valintaanSukat hikoileville jaloille

Socks for sweaty feet

Your feet sweat and your socks often feel damp. The reason may be the material of the sock. Socks made from a highly moisture-wicking material will only make things worse, so at this point, leave t...

UutisetNATIVA™-merinovilla | Villan ominaisuudet

NATIVA™ merino wool | Wool characteristics

Merino wool is a natural fibre, a true supermaterial that works in both freezing cold and scorching sun. Merino wool is spun exclusively from merino sheep, which produces a soft ground wool. Why is...

UutisetNATIVA-merinovilla | Eläinten hyvinvointi

NATIVA-merinovilla | Animal Welfare

In the words of Diego, the owner of our wool farm, a sheep can only be well if its carer is well. Therefore, special attention is paid to the conditions of the workers to ensure the well-being of t...