NATIVA - merino wool

NATIVA certification

Sukkamestarit Oy is the first sock factory in Europe to be certified under the NATIVA sustainability and traceability programme for merino wool. The first batch of wool arrived in production in April 2020 and with it we moved to
only Nativa certified merino wool.

From autumn 2020, the product labels will also include a QR code, allowing anyone to find out the origin of the materials in the product. Sockmasters' merino wool comes from the La Magdalena farm in Salto, Uruguay. All the merino wool that comes to us is mulesing free

Environmental protection

The partnership between farmers and transporters is based on passion, strong professionalism and collaboration. The supply chain from farmer to destination is chosen ecologically to avoid unnecessary damage to the environment.

Nativa also aims to ensure that the facilities and sectors involved in the various stages of production of Nativa's final product are properly managed to avoid or minimise environmental pollution.

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Animal welfare

New regulatory tools are being created around the world in response to growing consumer interest and compassion for animal welfare.

The Nativa standard defines the responsibilities of all workers responsible for animals and the practices necessary to ensure the proper care of animals' physical health and needs.
Sheep are allowed to graze freely in as natural an environment as possible.

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Farmers have a responsibility to look after sheep and their land to provide the best fibre.

But they don't do their job alone - hundreds of farming and animal husbandry professionals work on their farms. Only a well-fed human being can bring well-being to an animal. Therefore, NATIVA also defines people's rights very precisely.

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The Nativa brand guarantees every participant in the value chain
certification while tracing the wool from the farmers to the final product. All operators are certified on-site by a third party and are committed to the demanding Nativa protocol.