Classic-Collection is designed for classical dressing. These are a great choice for you who like a timeless style in your party or business dress. Classic-Collection products from Sock Masters are made of responsibly produced Nativa-sea wool with Finnish work with the best quality of the sock masters.


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The Classic-collection is designed for classic dressing. These are a great choice for You who like timeless style in your formal or business attire. 

The Classic-collection from Sockmasters is made from responsibly produced NATIVA merino wool with Finnish labour. Merino wool as a material is a great choice due to its top qualities. Classic-collection merino wool socks are breathable, warming and effectively moisture wicking, leaving your feet feeling comfortable even after a long day.

The cornerstone of classic dressing is timelessness and easy mix and match. The Classic Collection's socks are thoughtful and understated in colour, making them easy to mix and match for different dressing needs. With patterned socks, you can add a small, stylish addition to your outfit, or alternatively, you can always rely on classic black or white. 

The products in this collection are made with the finest quality from Sockmasters. The products have been designed with thoughtful details to enhance the fit and comfort: the socks are thin and smooth. The heel is knitted in such a way that it stays in place particularly well and the toe of the sock is shaped to fit the foot beautifully. The socks are designed to fit snugly around your feet, so you can enjoy a good feeling on your feet throughout the working day.