TOEZZ Hockey | Developed together with professional players | Official Lions product

Protection against cuts

Developed together with professionals

Responsibly manufactured in Finland

Used by the Lions team. Official Leijonat product

TOEZZ Hockey


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TOEZZ | Bracer - viiltosuojarannekkeet jääkiekkoon
Bracer - cut protection bracelets for hockey Sale price19,95€Flexible and supportive design - Fits well on the wrist, stays in place and provides support
TOEZZ | Pro fitting - viiltosuojasukat jääkiekkoonTOEZZ | Pro fitting - viiltosuojasukat jääkiekkoon
TOEZZ | Pro fitting long - viiltosuojasukat jääkiekkoonTOEZZ | Pro fitting long - viiltosuojasukat jääkiekkoon
TOEZZ | Pro skate - luistinsukat jääkiekkoon
Pro skate - ice hockey socks Sale price14,95€
TOEZZ | Pro feeling - luistinsukat jääkiekkoonTOEZZ | Pro feeling - luistinsukat jääkiekkoon
Pro feeling - ice hockey socks Sale price19,95€
TOEZZ | Pro feeling long - luistinsukat jääkiekkoonTOEZZ | Pro feeling long - luistinsukat jääkiekkoon
Pro feeling long - ice hockey socks Sale price19,95€Flexible and supportive design - Fits well on the wrist, stays in place and provides support
TOEZZ | Pro training - oheistreenisukat jääkiekkoon

TOEZZ Hockey - Official Lions product

TOEZZ Hockey -The official official Lions products are also used by the Lions team.

Protect yourself from cuts

TOEZZ Hockey -Cut guards are soft, flexible and do not interfere with play.

Don't forget the cut protection socks!

Protect your Achilles tendons from cuts.

TOEZZ Hockey -The cut protection socks and bracelets have been developed together with professional players. The range also includes training socks and hockey socks.

The products are also official Leijonat products and used by the Leijonat team. 

TOEZZ Hockey -The product line includes cut protection socks and cut protection bracelets as well as high quality training socks. All from TOEZZ Hockey -All products are manufactured in Sukkamestarei's own factory, with 100% Finnish labour in Ylöjärvi. The products have been developed and tested together with professional players, the products are also CE-marked. (ANSI classification: A2 class: provides protection against light to medium level cuts.)

TOEZZ ice hockey products have been used to protect the Finnish national team in the 2024 World Cup, the EHT tournament and in the Finnish Ice Hockey League. We cooperate with the Finnish Ice Hockey Association - TOEZZ brand products are official lion products. For every pair sold, a part goes to the development and support of Finnish ice hockey.


TOEZZ Hockey -Hockey socks and bracelets are developed and tested together with professionals.

The products are approved by the Ice Hockey Federation and are official Lion products.


All products are manufactured in Finland at Sukkamestarei's own factory in Ylöjärvi. The products have the Key Flag mark, and the cut protection products have the CE mark.

Read the instructions for use and the declaration of conformity
Discreet protectors that at the same timegive a good feeling of security.

- Player in the Lions team and in the SM-League

Discreet protectors, excellent usability and do not interfere with performance.

- Player in the Lions team and in the SM-League

Excellent quality and comfort.

Vitalijus T.

Bought for 11 year old boy. Supposedly doesn't affect playing in any way, you don't even notice the cover.

-Mikko B.