Prestigious innovation award for a Ylöjärvi resident Sukkamestarit Oy in Germany - International trade strengthened with Taiwan and Norway

Arvostettu innovaatiopalkinto Ylöjärveläiselle Sukkamestarit Oy:lle Saksassa – Kansainvälinen kauppa vahvistuu Taiwaniin ja Norjaan

Ylöjärvi-based sock manufacturer Sukkamestarit Oy has won the Innovation Award at the Scandivian Outdoor Awards for its new generation of outdoor socks UphillSport-brand.

The Scandinavian Outdoor Awards is a competition organised by the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) since 2005 to support product and design innovation and promote new Scandinavian outdoor products. There are five series of competitions.

Sukkamestarit was also seen among KasvuOpen's top 10 companies in the Growth Company of the Year competition in November 2023.

Sustainability and innovative use of materials created the winning product

Ylöjärvi-based Sukkamestarit Oy participated in the Scandinavian Awards competition UphillSport with its brand. The product line focuses on technical merino wool socks. The competition product, the Repo hiking sock, combines innovative use of materials, sustainability and practicality. Through an exceptional combination of materials and a multi-layer knitting technique developed by Sockmasters, the sock has all the benefits of layering in one product.

Sukkamestarit is the only European sock factory to use NATIVA open-end merino wool exclusively in its products. Exceptionally responsible merino wool is produced using recycled rainwater, species-specific animal behaviour is protected and working conditions are strictly defined.

The winning product also uses Tencel cellulose fibres. Tencel's manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, as the chemicals used to produce the fibre can be largely recycled.

The recognition is highly appreciated by the clothing industry. The jury includes some of the industry's most respected suppliers, retailers and bloggers from across Europe, as well as one member from the USA.

The product evaluation is based on thorough testing. An international jury selects the best product based on functionality, quality, innovation, design sustainability and performance:

- Too often we take socks for granted, but this product kept our judges talking about socks for hours! To sum it up: if your feet are always cold, these socks will keep them warm. The key is the innovative blend of materials - Tencel, polypropylene, polyamide and Lycra - combined with the warming NATIVA merino wool. Tested by the entire jury, the socks performed brilliantly in Arctic conditions. They kept feet comfortable, dry and above all warm. This is a pioneering product for other manufacturers," said the international jury, commenting on their experience of using the winning product.


Responsible merino wool socks for Taiwan and Norway

Sockmakers' turnover has been buoyant in recent years and the trend is upwards.

- We have responded to the changing needs of our customers, focusing on merino wool lifestyle socks and technical products. Product design and range management is becoming increasingly demanding, which requires an ever-expanding range of skills across the company," sums up Sockmasters' Jussi Koskinen, Managing Director of Sempestermakers growth drivers now and in the future.

 -Our goal to move from a basic sock manufacturer to a specialist sock specialist has now been realised in the finest possible way. To our delight, our products have been received very positively in Finland, the EU and Switzerland, and now also as a new opening in Taiwan and Norway," says Sukkamestareiden factory manager and export sales manager Jani Tarkki Sukkamestarei's international markets.

 - Transparency in sustainability issues, NATIVE and top quality product is what appeals, but also the fact that as a factory and brand owner we are able to serve our customers with flexible operating models. People trust our expertise and service, we know what four years of service requires from a sock," continues Tarkki.

Sukkamestarit currently exports its products to around 20 countries. The main export countries are Germany and Sweden. Norway will quickly challenge Germany and Sweden. The share of exports is expected to reach 30% in 2024.

Sukkamestarit In a nutshell:

  • One of the leading sock manufacturers in Finland
  • One of one of the leading Finnish hosiery manufacturers.
  • Company founded in 1996
  • Turnover in 2022 5,17 MEur
  • Export share of turnover in 2022 20%
  • Number of employees 40
  • Three own brands UphillSport, Sukkamestarit and TOEZZ Hockey

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