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Merino wool is a natural fibre, a real super material that works in the bitter cold as well as in the sun. Merino wool is spun exclusively from the soft ground wool of the merino sheep.

Sockmasters' merino sheep graze on the vast subtropical plains of Uruguay. Over time, the merino sheep have developed an exceptional wool cover that protects them from rain, scorching heat and wind in varying weather conditions.

Merino wool is an inherently technical fibre with many great qualities from sport to everyday wear from head to toe.


Merino wool fibre is characterised by its exceptional heat-secreting properties. In nature, merino sheep graze in a wide range of weather conditions, from scorching sunshine to freezing temperatures. Their unique wool protects them from wind, rain and scorching temperatures. The sea sheep's wool is nothing more than a fine ground wool that curls. This creates natural air pockets in the material that act as insulators, effectively retaining heat and ensuring that the wearer stays warm even in extremely cold weather conditions. This natural insulating property makes merino wool a great choice for outdoor clothing and winter sports, providing a warm and comfortable feeling for long periods of time in cold conditions.

Photo. The manual process is used to clean the wool of the largest amounts of debris and impurities.

Warming even when damp

The unique property of merino wool is its ability to retain warmth and feel dry even when wet. This makes it an excellent choice for winter conditions, as it keeps the wearer warm even after sweating and dries quickly.

Removes moisture

Merino wool is able to effectively wick moisture away from the skin, which is particularly useful when exercising and moving around. This property helps to keep the skin dry and comfortable, preventing the feeling of coldness caused by moisture. An effective way to deal with moisture is also useful in the summer heat. Merino wool actively balances temperature, warming in the cold and cooling in the hot.

Naturally antibacterial material

Merino wool is a naturally unfavourable breeding ground for bacteria, preventing unpleasant odours from building up on your clothes. Therefore, merino wool garments and accessories do not need to be washed as often as artificial fibres and retain their freshness for longer. We therefore recommend that socks are mainly aired after being washed when they are first used.

No itching

The softness and length of merino wool fibres make them comfortable on the skin and do not itch, unlike some normal wool garments. Merino wool is suitable for users with sensitive skin, as well as small children. 

Photo. The raw wool combed by sock-makers is imported to Europe, where it is further processed into yarn.

Fire-retardant material

Merino wool is a fire-safe alternative to many man-made fibres because it only ignites at temperatures above 500°C and does not melt like man-made fibres. This makes it a safer choice for clothing, especially for children and in flammable environments.

Watch a video of our visit to a wool processing mill in Lanas Trinidad, Uruguay:


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