Vinkkejä sukan valintaan

The solution to children's cold feet

Ratkaisu lasten paleleviin jalkoihin

Do your children's feet often feel cold and clammy, especially in the changing weather conditions of autumn and winter? Do you feel that no matter how much you invest in proper winter shoes, you can't find shoes that are "good" enough to keep your feet comfortably warm and dry all day long? 

It could be the socks! We often hear our customers wondering why their feet are always leathery and cold, even when wearing socks and wool socks. When we ask, they often put a cotton sock on the bottom and a woollen sock woven on top. The idea of layers is good in this solution, but the wrong choice of material is made for the bottom layer. 

In practice, the sock against the skin is made of a material that is highly moisture-retentive, i.e. cotton. This means that moisture is trapped on the skin and the cold can creep underneath the sock layers, even if you are wearing a good quality shoe. So leave the cotton socks in the cupboard! A friend of children's feet is a sock made from breathable, warming and moisture-wicking merino wool that keeps skin dry and warm.

Often thought of as a frosty material only for winter sports or outdoor activities, merino wool socks are in fact a great choice for year-round use thanks to their super properties:

- Merino wool helps regulate body temperature and adapts to the temperature of the skin, warming it in cold weather or cooling it in hot weather.
- It is a breathable material that warms, wicks moisture away from the skin and is naturally antibacterial.
- Merino wool is soft and non-itchy, making it ideal for more sensitive skin.
- Keeps you warm even when wet
- Flexible and comfortable against the skin

Image. In winter, children's feet are often often exposed to cold weather conditions, so choose a material that is warm and breathable against the skin. Merino wool is a good option.

Sock features for children's feet:

Feet that are comfortable and warm will welcome socks that fit well and provide the right amount of warmth. Socks from sockmakers have many features that you might not even think of, it's "just" a sock.

Merino wool socks are available for many different needs and sometimes it can be difficult to choose. We've listed the features you should look for in socks for cold feet:

- The heat value describes the amount of merino wool in our products, choose a heat value between 3-5
- (The heavier and looser the shoe, the thicker the sock. For rubber boots, a lightweight merino sock + wool sock combo works very well)
- Stem length depending on the use and footwear. There are options from ankle length upwards.

Many reasons to choose Sukkamestarit socks:

- All the merino wool we use is NATIVA open-end merino wool.
- We manufacture all our socks in our own factory in Ylöjärvi.
- You will find socks for the whole family, also in big sizes (up to size 55-57)
- A wide range of socks for different needs for everyday and leisure. We also have technical socks for children!
- We deliver quickly, in just a few working days.
- Orders over 50 € get free shipping!

Easy tips for children's cold feet:

- Choose a merino wool sock according to the thickness and thermal value of the footwear (the heavier and looser the shoe, the thicker the sock).
- Choose footwear according to the weather so that cold and dampness don't sneak through.
- If necessary, use the hikers' technique of two socks (thin liner sock + thicker sock) on top of each other. 

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