Vinkkejä sukan valintaan

Socks from Pihka care for dry, even cracked feet

Pihka-sukista hoivaa kuiville, jopa halkeileville jaloille

Do you have dry or even cracked heels? The cold and dry winter weather is one of the "enemies" of our skin and often the skin on our feet is hard.

In nature, witch hazel repairs softwood wounds and protects softwoods against microbes. The properties of amber have been exploited in many ways throughout history, including on human skin. It has been used in folk medicine for mosquito bites, wounds, infections and burns, among other things. It soothes the skin and promotes cell regeneration, which is why it has also been used for dry heels and cuticles.

How is resin obtained from socks?

Prexelent® resin polyamide, developed in Finland, is made from the resin of Finnish conifers. The resin is obtained from coniferous trees as a by-product of the forest industry. In socks, the resin polyamide yarn is against the skin. In use, the resin is released in a controlled manner onto the surface of the yarn in contact with the skin.

Nativa™ merino wool is combined with Prexelent® gum polyamide. Their properties enable them to eliminate fine odours and effectively transfer moisture. The soft merino wool balances the temperature of the foot and keeps it warm even when wet. Together, these materials make the socks versatile all year round, as well as kind to your feet!

For the best effect, long-term use is essential, our tests show that two weeks of daily use already has a noticeable effect, for example on a calloused heel. The effect is of course individual but the key is daily use.

The combination of meirnovilla and resin cloth also prevents the formation of bad smelling foot scabs.

Image. With resin socks you can get positive effects on dry skin.

Click Amber socks according to your needs:

- Untightened socks if your feet are also swollen
- Multi-layer socks for outdoor activities and sports
- Also available with a wider bib!

Many reasons to choose Sukkamestarit-socks:

- All the merino wool we use is NATIVA open-end merino wool
- We manufacture all our socks in our own factory in Ylöjärvi.
- You can also find large sizes (up to size 55-57) in our selection
- A wide range of special socks (non-stretch, wide-leg, Pihka socks) for different needs
- We deliver quickly, in just a few working days.
- Orders over 50 € get free shipping!

Easy tips for very dry feet:

- Grease your feet in the evening before going to bed with a foot cream
- Wear socks regularly during the day.

Discover Pihka socks and order now!

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