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Socks for swollen feet

Sukat turvonneille jaloille

Socks feel tight at the bottom of the foot or on the shank, the ribbing of the sock weighs down and leaves unpleasant marks on your ankle. Or your feet swell throughout the day and the sock doesn't feel like it fits at any point during the day, slipping off in the morning and pressing against your skin in the evening. Sound familiar?

There can be many causes of swelling, including; sedentary or standing work, heat, excess weight and various venous or lymphatic disorders, underlying diseases, infections and injuries. Before you read on, we'll make sure you know the cause of your swollen feet.

Because swollen feet can be uncomfortable, and the skin can even become sensitised and thin, the sock should be one that makes you feel more comfortable and does not irritate your mind or sensitive skin.

What should you consider when choosing a sock for swollen feet?

People with swollen feet like socks that are made of comfortable, soft materials that don't trap moisture and keep them warm. Above all, choose socks with an untightened shank. If you also have swelling on your feet, a wide-leg option is an excellent choice.

For swollen feet, we recommend breathable and warming merino wool during the day and wonderfully soft bamboo sleep socks at night. Our merino wool socks are always seamless, so they won't rub on your footwear.

Sock features for swollen feet:
- non-tensioned shank
- wide instep (if the swelling is also on the ball of the foot)
- breathable, non-itchy and soft material (e.g. merino wool for day use, bamboo for night)
- seamless toe (especially for daytime socks, to prevent the shoe from rubbing)
- flexible material

Many reasons to choose Sukkamestarit socks:

- All the merino wool we use is NATIVA open-end merino wool
- We manufacture all our socks in our own factory in Ylöjärvi.
- You can also find large sizes (up to size 55-57) in our selection
- A wide range of special socks (non-stretch, wide-leg, Pihka socks) for different needs
- We deliver quickly, in just a few working days.
- Orders over 50 € get free shipping!

Picture. What's your choice?

Easy tips to prevent swelling:

- Move and take a break; rotate and flex your ankles, stand on your toes and sit down.
- If possible, keep your limbs in a slight elevated position frequently.
- Drinking water does not affect swelling in adults, but it is a good idea to make sure you drink enough, especially in hot weather.


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