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Socks for cold feet

Sukat paleleville jaloille

Do your feet often get cold? The reason may lie in the material of the sock rather than poor peripheral circulation. Socks made from a highly moisture-wicking material will only make it worse, so at this point, leave the cotton socks in the cupboard and look to a warmer material.

Material choice

The friend of cold feet is a sock made from breathable, warming and moisture-wicking merino wool. Merino wool socks are the absolute choice for winter and frosty weather, but in reality merino wool is an excellent choice for cold feet for year-round use thanks to its super properties:

- Merino wool helps regulate body temperature and adapts to skin temperature, warming in cold weather or cooling in hot weather.
- It is a breathable material that warms, wicks moisture away from the skin and is naturally antibacterial.
- Merino wool is soft and non-itchy, making it ideal for more sensitive skin.
- Keeps you warm even when wet
- Flexible and comfortable against the skin

If you feel that the warmth of merino wool is not enough for you, choose alpaca wool socks. Alpaca wool is warmer than merino wool. It's a sophisticated natural fibre that's perfect for cosy and gentle wear. Alpaca wool is not the best choice if the sock is subject to severe abrasion.

Image. Pay attention to the amount of wool used. Check the material list of the sock on the product card.

Sock characteristics for cold feet:

Feet that are warm and comfortable will welcome socks that fit well and provide the right amount of warmth. Socks from sockmakers have many features that you might not even think of, it's "just" a sock.

Merino wool socks are available for many different needs and sometimes it can be difficult to choose. We've listed the features you should look for in socks for cold feet:

- The heat value describes the amount of merino wool in our products, choose a heat value between 3-5
- Thickness depends on the purpose of use and the footwear (the heavier and looser the shoe, the thicker the sock).
- The length of the shank depends on the intended use and the footwear. There are options from ankle length to knee length.
- Plus additional features as required; untensioned shank or wider shank

Many reasons to choose Sukkamestarit socks:

- All the merino wool we use is NATIVA open-end merino wool
- We manufacture all our socks in our own factory in Ylöjärvi.
- You can also find large sizes (up to size 55-57) in our selection
- A wide range of special socks (non-stretch, wide-leg, Pihka socks) for different needs
- We deliver quickly, in just a few working days.
- Orders over 50 € get free shipping!

Easy tips for cold feet:

- Choose a merino wool sock according to the thickness and thermal value of your footwear (the heavier and looser the shoe, the thicker the sock).
- Choose footwear according to the weather, so that cold and moisture don't sneak through.
- If necessary, use the hikers' technique of two socks (thin liner sock + thicker sock) on top of each other.
- Do a break exercise to get the circulation going.


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